Basque Destination, The Team

CEO Lorea Uranga:

Often we feel that ´something´ around us is missing and from this restlessness Basque Destination was born. That´s what happended to Lorea Uranga, an amazing women, that gets on board of a new trip, the one of preparing memories just for you. She doesn´t want to offer any product, she wants to travel to the inside of the basque culture, its gastronomy and traditions so you could feel what travelling means to her: "feel emotions and create memories“.

Product Manager Ane Gaztelumendi:

A journey is an adventure, a highlight, an outbreak of your home in a new one. Ane Gaztelumendi manages and tailor services to your needs to create an unforgettable highlight in our home the Basque Country. We are proud to have Ane the manager of Basque Destination on board.

Sales Manager Anja Kunzemann:

Travel means cultural exchange. Internationality. Expand your horizon. This is what Anja Kunzemann brings to Basque Destination. What would a trip without the necessary tools on board.

In cooperation with all the travel designers of Basque Destination we tailor your personal and unique Highlight in the Basque Country and warmly welcome you here. Ongi etorri!

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