San Sebastian Premium

In Basque Destination, our  Premium experiences catalog involves the most exclusive proposals our lands can offer: pure soul boutique hotels, Michelin Starred restaurants rooted in our land, unique cellars that surprise visitors and their senses, museums that collect our history, past and present, and show it in the most innovative ways; cultural-natural and gastronomic immersions by experienced local-guides. "As locals, with locals, by locals" defines how our guests feel like.

Custom-made unique trips creating unforgettable memories linked to the Basque culture. Each customer must be pampered based on their needs, demonstrating our team that we can meet the diverse needs that may arise; from the most recognized international companies looking for something new, the famous "wow" effect, but with that essence of our "amamas" (grandmothers) used to pamper them, to individual travelers fed up with "the usual", looking for something more: authenticity, local, respectful with the environment to discover and live in first-hand. It is not tourism, it is an immersion in another culture, our own & one.

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