Basque Destination, The Team

CEO Lorea Uranga:

Sometimes we feel that something is missing around us and from that concern Basque Destination was born. This is what happened to Lorea Uranga, an extraordinary woman, who ventured on a new journey, that of preparing specific memories for you. She didn't want to offer just any product, she wanted you to travel into the Basque culture, its gastronomy and traditions so that you could feel what travelling means to her: to feel emotions and create memories.

Product Manager Ane Gaztelumendi:

A trip is an adventure, the transformation of your home into a new one. Ane Gaztelumendi manages in a traditional way all the services you need to create an unforgettable experience in our home, the Basque Country. We are proud to have a professional of the stature of Ane in Basque Destination.

Sales Manager Joseba Berzosa:

Traveling means cultural exchange. Internationality. Expanding your horizon. This is what Joseba Berzosa brings to Basque Destination. What would a trip be without all the necessary to be able to carry it out?

Tour Advisor San Sebastian Marta Gil:

An enthusiast of our gastronomy and culture, this is how she transmits it to our clients, this is Marta Gil, an enthusiastic creator of memories.

Tour Advisor San Sebastian Itziar Ibarburu:

The "gilda" of the team, our professional of the pintxo, the greatest connoisseur of the secret corners of the "Pearl of the Cantabrian Sea", that is Itziar Ibarburu, our guide of gastronomy.

Tour Advisor Bilbao Saioa Martin:

The architectural vision made passion for the clients, is what Saioa Martin contributes to our team. The most cosmopolitan of our guides, as it is Bilbao.

Internship staff Irati Lure:

We are very proud to be able to count on such an enthusiastic and passionate person for her work. Something great awaits Irati Lure in the future.

  1. On behalf of all the travel artisans of Basque Destination, who designed in a unique and personal way your experience in the Basque Country, we want to give you a warm welcome:                                                       Ongi Etorri! 

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