Enjoying Bilbao without leaving your pet behind

Enjoying Bilbao without leaving your pet behind

Society is getting more and more aware of the rights of our loyal companions, dogs. Even though a few years ago it was unthinkable to be able to go into bars and restaurants with our dogs, nowadays many establishments are adhering to this new positive trend.

Bilbao, being the cosmopolitan city that it is, couldn’t let this opportunity go by and just like in other cities like Madrid or Barcelona, is also increasing the number of pet-friendly establishments.

Here we give you a list of 8 wonderful stores that you can visit with your pets:

  • Baobab: A lot of tea, natural juices, snacks...but above all, teas and infusions. If you like tea, you have over 60 types to try in Baobab. It is located at 1 calle [Street] Principe.


  • Mami Lou Cupcakes: Yes, the “cupcake” fever has reached Bilbao too. Ladyfingers of many kinds and buttercreams whose mere descriptions make your mouth water impatiently. You can have coffee, infusions, natural juices, milkshakes and even special beers to go with your delicatessen. They are waiting for you at 7 calle Barrainkua.


  • Peso Neto: Fusion cuisine is the emblem of this bar-restaurant located at 1 calle San Francisco. Apart from its culinary variety, its decoration will also leave you speechless. Its terrace is usually packed and it’s a very recommendable place to have a snack or to eat something from the menu.


  • Promenade: The last stretch of the Ledesma street of Bilbao has been a trend for some time, and here is where Promenade is located. This pet-friendly vermouth bar has a menu of 12 different types of vermouth, apart from bar snacks, croquettes or gourmet reserves.


  • The Beetle Bar: Located at 3 Unmanuno park, this charming coffee shop offers a spectacular menu of home-baked cakes to go with a good coffee, infusion or natural juice. Like all the other establishments on this list, pets are welcome.


  • Trimmer: This establishment is not exactly a coffee shop, or it is, or it’s also... a clothes shop, accessories shop, decoration shop, and so on. It is located at 35 calle Colón de Larreateguí.


  • Sua San: The New Yorker style has also reached Bilbao. This healthy food restaurant is a clear example of that. Antitoxin juices, veggies, salads, sandwiches and bagels; to enjoy whenever you want to, at breakfast, brunch, to eat or to have dinner. And not just for you, because they usually have pet snacks at the door for our four-legged friends. Located at 65 bis, Mazarredo.

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