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8 Activities to do and see for free in Bilbao

8 Activities to do and see for free in Bilbao

Who told you that tourist cities are designed to get money off tourists?

We present to you with 8 activities to do and see for free in Bilbao:

The surroundings of the Guggenheim Museum

The museum has become a symbol of the city, and yes, you have to pay an admission fee, but its surroundings have a lot of things to discover and the pull effect that Gehry’s work has caused will give you beautiful pictures with works of art and amazing architecture.

Facing the interior you will find “Puppy”, the amusing vegetable puppy, guardian of the museum, a work of the artist Jeff Koons. Taking a picture with it is a must for every visitor. Facing the river, you’ll find “Los Tulipanes” [The Tulips], from the same artist. They are located in the museum’s terrace, but you can see them easily. In this area you can also find Maman, the metallic spider, a work by the French American artist, Louise Bourgeois.

If you spend over an hour in this place, you’ll be surprised with the “Escultura de Niebla” [The Mist Sculpture], a work of the Japanese artist Fuyiko Nakaya. A white mist will envelop the museum and the people walking around it. Here you can also find the “Fuente de Fuego” [The Fire Fountain], from Yves Klein, but it only lights up at night from 7 to 8 in winter and 9 to 10 in summer.

The Museum of Fine Arts

We have already told you about it in other sections of this website, but we just love the Museum of Fine Arts. Admission is free every Wednesday and you have over 8 thousand works on display for you to enjoy. Chillida, Soroya, Goya, El Greco and also Van Dyck, Tapies and Bacon.

The Azkuna Center, also known as Alhóndiga Bilbao

One of the must-sees of Bilbao. It is a cultural center which is also a work of art. It is an old wine warehouse turned into a center of activities and life of the city.

You will find 43 columns in its atrium which symbolize different cultures, religions, wars or architectural styles. The emcee of this design is Philippe Starck.

Admission is free.

The Ribera Market

10 thousand square meters divided between two floors. A spectacular building with a central dome that you can’t miss, apart from its impressive display windows which are the original ones that have been restored. As background noise, you have the beating of the commercial life of the city.

The Doña Casilda Park

Also known as the Park of the Ducks, although it also has distinguished neighbors like swans or peacocks. There is also a romantic spot with a pergola; taking a picture there is a must for newlyweds. 

The Basilica of Begoña

For the people of Bilbao the virgin of Begoña is “amatxu”, which translates into English as “mommy”. If you want to see Amatxu, you have to make a “pilgrimage” from the center of the city, that is, from the Unamuno Plaza in the Old Quarter. Go with plenty of energy because you have a large number of stairs to reach the top.

The Maritime Museum

The building of the Maritime Museum is already worth the visit, with the Carola crane, which is like the Eiffel Tower of Bilbao. The museum is close to the river of Bilbao, where the Euskalduna Shipyards used to be. Admission is free every Tuesday from September to June.

The Flower Market

Every Sunday, from 9am to 2pm, the Flower Market is set up in the Arsenal. It is a good opportunity to enjoy scents and colors in a lively environment. 


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