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BASQUE DESTINATION “creating memories”

Basque Destination is a DMC in the heart of the Basque Country. This is our home, this is where our roots lie, deep inside. This project was born with the aim of making each trip an unforgettable and unreachable experience to which you are all invited. We are a well-prepared team focused on showing you our astonishing places, still unknown, but making you feel like a local. Enjoy our unique experiences!


There are no limits, only solutions. We master the entire range of MICE services. Be it a gala dinner at a Palais, a ski weekend in the Pyrenees or a seminar with several hundred participants in the Basque Country. There is no prefabricated outline for your event. There is no prefabricated outline, each event is unique and non-transferable. We are your allies!

  • Development, budgeting, controlling
  • Location scouting
  • Guest management
  • On-site support and coordination 24/7


In Basque Destination we would like you to feel special and therefore we have prepared a selection of unique trips where you will be able to live closely the experience of the Basque Highlands and enjoy the most emblematic places in the Basque Country. You will be able to meet our roots through our gastronomic culture and all these experiences, whoever you are, whatever you need, exclusively for you.

"The basque, the people who sing and dance on their mountains." - Voltaire

SLOW TRAVEL “Easy going”:

Our philosophy is standing for integrating top quality services respecting our customs, traditions, culture, etc. in our experiences, all integrated into a full range of exquisitely developed packages for making you feel like locals. Be a real basque, feel our identity. Be one with the Basque people enjoying the pleasure of the “easy-going”, the art of living slowly, as the defence of customs, gastronomy, folklore, language diversity. “The luxury is living it”

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