Rent a Car

It's marvellous to travel to another country or city, right?

Getting to know different cultures, escaping from your everyday life, living new experiences... Generally, we fly by plane, and once we are at our destination, we use public transport, but how much better it would be to have a car at your disposal to move around during your holidays, right?

We have your solution!

At Basque Destination, we have facilitated for you a section so that you can hire a car to move from one place to another from our website.

Thanks to the car hire option, you are offered an excellent alternative to move around freely during your holidays without having to be dependent on the timetables and lack of flexibility of public transport. An autonomy that a four-wheel car can give you during your relaxing holidays. Are you still not convinced?

Keep reading and you will find out about the many advantages of hiring a car for your holidays:

1. Freedom

That feeling of not having to depend on anything nor anyone, without restrictions, and being able to create your own route and modify it according to the moment. 

2. Mobility 

Most car hire companies offer the possibility of picking up the selected vehicle from the airport, so as soon as you land, you can drive to the hotel without having to pay for the bus or a taxi. Also, we remind you that if you are not travelling by plane, i.e. if you have chosen to travel by train, they often give you the option of picking up the vehicle at the station or at nearby offices.

3. Savings

It is true that it all depends on the vehicle you choose, but generally, it is always cheaper to rent a car than to take public transport. Although there are cities where public transport is more or less affordable, with your own car you will save a lot of time and you will make the most of your stay, so it is, without a doubt, your best option.

4. Comfort

You will have the chance to choose the model and size of the car you need - from a small convertible for two to a minivan for the whole family - and check prices before booking.

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