Vitoria - Gasteiz

A city designed for the good living

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Green and Gastronomic City

Vitoria-Gasteiz is a city which has evolved a lot since the fifties, and nevertheless, is still a small city with one of the best qualities of life in Spain. The planning and design of this city has taken care of the Good Living of its citizens and visitors. It is a luxury to enjoy small things like long walks through its vast green parks and the delicacies that its rich gastronomy has to offer.

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A Historical Medieval Area

The Historical Area of Vitoria-Gasteiz is located on a hill, where the old village of Gasteiz was founded, which King Sancho the Wise of Navarra founded again under the name of Nova Victoria in the twelfth century.

This urban combination is one of the best to preserve its medieval roots in all of Spain. We can find the Santa Maria Cathedral, the “Old Cathedral”, known worldwide for being the protagonist of the second part of “The Pillars of the Earth” saga, from Ken Follet. From this point, concentric rings grow downwards, which are the streets that keep the names of the trades that inhabited them: cutlery, shoe shops, paint shops, blacksmiths…


A City of Rings

Following this first inertia of growing through rings, Vitoria-Gasteiz lived its demographic explosion during the fifties but its planning and design didn’t forget the essential: The Good Living of its citizens and visitors. And this way, we can find a green belt of vast parks surrounding the entire city, in which you can get lost walking or riding.

And what better way to end than having a great meal after such a long walk? Because this is a city with incomparable gastronomy. It is hard to eat poorly in a city like Vitoria-Gasteiz.


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