Playing Cards, history and tonnes of bronze


The Bibat museum of Vitoria - Gasteiz. Fusion of the Archeology Museum and the Playing Cards Museum.

Since the year 2009, the medieval area of Vitoria - Gasteiz has a unique building, a mix between classic and modern. “A dense and airtight chest”, according to the architect who gave life to it, Patxi Mangado. It is the Bibat museum complex, in which the Archeology Museum and the Fournier Playing Cards Museum coexist.


The history of the Álava by stratums

3 stratums, 3 floors, divide Bibat in order to show the visitor the story of the historical territory of Álava. The first floor is a journey in time to the Bronze Age, introducing people to the work of archeologists. The second floor moves forward to the Iron Age and has tools which come from villages of that time, like La Hoya, in the town of La Guardia, in the Rioja Alavesa. The third floor belongs to the Roman Age and is dominated by Iruña Veleia and its marble sculpture.


The Pala Bendaña, Museum of Playing Cards

The collection of the Fournier Museum of Playing Cards has 250 decks chosen from the over two thousand which make up the collection of the local brand Heraclio Fournier.

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