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With a privileged natural charm and located between the Aralar and the Aizkorri-Aratz Natural Parks, Goierri is the perfect plan for a rural and gastronomic excursion. If you are planning to visit San Sebastian, Goierri is the perfect plan for a rural and gastronomic excursion.

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The term "Goierri" means "high village" in Basque, this name comes from the difference between the upper and lower basin of the Oria River.

A different life awaits you in the Basque countryside: fresh air, natural products, endless landscapes and days of freedom. Enjoy the interior of the Basque Country in your own way among all the alternatives offered by the 19 villages of Goierri. Follow paths, visit farmhouses, admire its mountains and natural parks and get to know its people. And most importantly: enjoy its culinary tradition and its history. In our region, you will forget your stress and worries.

Gastronomy: “Land of Idiazabal”

Gastronomy is an important part of the lifestyle in Goierri. The large number of gastronomic fairs held here (every weekend in Autumn, for instance) is an example of this. The towns of Idiazabal and Ordizia are exponents of our gastronomic identity. Idiazabal lends its name to the excellent cheese that annually receives praise and awards at the Cheese World Awards. Idiazabal cheese is made with the raw milk of latxa sheep that graze our fields and mountains. The village boasts the Idiazabal Cheese Visitor Centre.

In Ordizia, the most important fresh produce market of Euskadi is held every Wednesday and has been for over 500 years. Farmers from the region congregate in the main square, offering the best of their home-grown produce. While you are in Ordizia, it is worth visiting the D´elikatuz Food and Gastronomy Interpretation Centre

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