The Coast of Gipuzkoa I: From Pasaia to Hondarribia

The Coast of Gipuzkoa I: From Pasaia to Hondarribia

This beautiful tour begins in Pasaia Bay. Jaizkibel hill, from east to west, will be our path until we reach the next bay in Txingudi.

A good pair of shoes, strength and energy will be necessary to enjoy this entertaining 20-kilometer tour. It will take us to the last town of Gipuzkoa, Hondarribia, the last headland, Higuer, and the last river, Bidasoa.

In Pasajes Bay we will find a nice surprise, Pasajes San Juan - Pasai Donibane. One of the characteristics of this coastal village is that it has just one street. There is no room for anything else between the ocean and the mountain. It is such a charming town that Victor Hugo, the novelist, described it with great admiration in his book “Los Pirineos.” [The Pyrenees]

Among the attractions that Pasai Donibane offers us, one of them is walking north following the river’s estuary, crossing the limited 200-meter-wide bay is another, and climbing up to Santa Ana chapel to enjoy some incomparable views of the harbor.

A special mention is needed for a visit to Albaola, the sea factory of the Basque people, a traditional shipyard for the construction of Basque ships, like the small whaling ship of the sixteenth century that you can see in it.

From the town of Pasajes San Juan, we can begin a 20-kilometer path across Jaizkibel hill, which will take us to the town of Hondarribia, in Txingudi Bay.

The historical area of the coastal village of Hondarribia has been declared an artistic landmark. You can’t miss the chance to walk around its streets and enjoy its palaces and weapon houses. You will discover the influence of war on the architecture of the buildings and more unique spaces, like the small harbor of Santa María, the castle of Charles V or the Weapons Park.

Apart from the historical area, which is a must, there’s the Marina neighborhood, center of the town’s social life, located in the middle of the fishing district. You can enjoy the traditional Basque gastronomy in its bars and restaurants, which you’ve earned after a 20-kilometer walk.

Once you’ve recovered your strength, you have two very interesting options to continue your visit. You can go to the French town of Hendaya, crossing Txingudi Bay, or climb up the Higuer headland and see the lighthouse.

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