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Orio’s seafaring tradition is palpable today in the success of small fishing boats and fishing activity that has put the region on the map. For centuries, and until only a few years ago, sea bream always entered the Oria estuary, watched by the seagulls and cormorants that accompanied the boats in their long-awaited return home. In the past, many were taken by mule to Castile, destined for the soused fish industry. However, for some time now the precise and flavourful Orio style of preparing bream has grown in both prestige and popularity. All that is needed is a little oil, garlic, chilli and vinegar to elevate even further a dish that already exudes elegance and, once it is suffused with the ingredients mentioned, the heat of the embers and the skilful hand of the chef, becomes a delicacy that is praised and craved by food lovers of every kind. No one can resist the charms, the captivating aroma or the superb texture of the finest Orio-style sea bream.

What is the Orio style? Choose a good fish, preferably female. Descale and clean it, removing the guts. Coat it with oil, season to taste and place it straight on the grill, without using a poacher. It is grilled closed, to achieve the best flavour, tenderness and white flesh. Once cooked, open it like a book, from bottom to top, coat lightly with vinegar and fried sliced garlic and chilli. For even better results, retain the mix of vinegar, oil and the fish’s own juices and reduce it in a frying pan, stirring a few times before adding it to the dish again. Bon appetit!

Sea Bream Master Class + apetirif + txakolí + Sea Bream tasting in some of the most emblematic restaurants in Orio. 

The visit could be done at 13:00 in any of these 2 restaurants:

Orioko barra Jatetxea  or Xixario 

Maximum of 6 pax in the Premium version

Only in Basque and Spanish language.

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Standard plan
From 35,00€ / pax.
What's included?

Sea bream Orio´s style - MasterClass


Txakoli wine tasting

Sea Bream tasting

What's NOT included?

Premium plan
From 170,00€ / pax.
What's included?


Sea bream Orio´s style - MasterClass


Txakoli wine tasting

Sea Bream tasting

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