“The iron, the stone, the shapes, the brutality of nature”

The comb of the wind

The comb of the wind, a work of Eduardo Chillida and Luis Peña Ganchegi. One of the best picture of Donostia - San Sebastián.

A work of Chillida and Peña Ganchegui. If you were to describe Chillida’s work, you’d say “the iron, the stone, the shapes, the brutality of nature.” El Peine de los Vientos is one of his most famous works. An incomparable setting that wins with bad weather and rough seas. 

A few minutes away from San Sebastián, in Hernani, you can find Chillida Leku Museum, established in Eduardo’s working house that he used as a repair shop. A whole tour through the admirable work of the sculptor. 

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