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The Cantabrian Sea and the Pyrenees create a green landscape of coastlines with fierce cliffs that come from short estuaries, with mountain ranges of beech and oak trees and its brave beaches overlooking the Cantabrian Sea. Fishing villages where you can breathe the sea air and savour the gastronomic delights of the best seafood. Its inhabitants, who since time immemorial have been seafarers, farmers and shepherds, shared a language foreign to those known in the surrounding areas and a history that must be known both through its written history and its mythological legends. As early as the 14th century, there are stories of fishermen who made incredible voyages as far as Canada. Characters such as Juan Sebastián Elcano, born in Getaria, who sailed around the world for the first time, and Miguel López de Legazpi, from Zumárraga, who was the conqueror of the Philippines.

The Basque Coast is formed by the coastal stretch between the cities of Bilbao and Biarritz, occupying two of the provinces of the Basque Country and part of the Pyrenees' area, which belongs to the west coast of France and known as Labourd.

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