The perfect activities to let you learn all about Urola Kosta



Do you feel like taking some wines and pintxos in a squad? And discover how the Flysch octopus lives? Or maybe you prefer to know the secrets of the Basques and visit a Gastronomic Society? All this, before or after visiting our Market, where products and producers await you to offer you the best of this land. We propose 16 experiences and different packages to enjoy with the five senses. In family, with friends or as a couple ... you just let yourself go.

This summer 2019 Basque Destination and Urola Kosta 

Galleria Immagini

Esperienze da vivere...

Family with Kosta Gastronomika


Da 60,00€ / pax.
Prenota esperienza

Txakoli de Getaria con Kosta Gastronomika

Kosta Gastronomika

Da 68,00€ / pax.
Prenota esperienza

"BASQUEPORKS" Experience

Guided visit + meat and cider/txakoli tasting

Da 15,00€ / pax.
Prenota esperienza

Goditi il nostro Paese ... 

Desideri un viaggio su misura ?

Raccontaci come lo desideri ... 

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