His dear Donostia in the Eyes of the Great Master Eduardo Chillida



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Following in the footsteps of the master among masters, a retrospective of a life full of strength, iron and fire, from Zabalaga to "The Comb of the Wind".

Following in the footsteps of the great master among masters, Eduardo Chillida, and of course, of his most emblematic work in Donostia-San Sebastian, "El Peine del Viento" (The Wind's Comb)

A magical place where art and nature merge into one. We will know his work through a visit to the Chillida Leku Museum, his dream come true and we will taste a special menu. A luxury for the senses. 

Throughout the experience, our clients get closer to the sculptor Chillida but, above all, to the Chillida in front of their city and get to know the different buildings and emblems inspired by the sculptor's work. To finish the visit we will go to El Peine del Viento as the final point of Donostia and then we will go to Chillida Leku where we will get to know the place thanks to an expert guide. A journey through the senses while visiting the city, hearing the sound of the sea waves, touching the pieces, smelling the green fields surrounding the farmhouse and, of course, tasting Mendizabal.


10:00 a.m. - Meeting at the  lobby to begin enjoying the city following in the footsteps of the illustrious sculptor Eduardo Chillida, we finish the visit in his most international work "El Peine del Viento" (The Comb of the Wind)

11:45 a.m. - Departure to Chillida Leku Museum

12:00HRS.- Guided by our expert guide, we will visit Chillida Leku, a dream come true located in the Zabalaga farmhouse (a traditional Basque construction from the 16th century) and its adjacent land, which occupies 11 hectares.

13:45 Departure to Mendizabal Sagardotegia

14:00HRS.- LUNCH

15:45 Departure for Donostia-San Sebastián

16:00HRS.- Arrival and end of our services

*IMPORTANT: Please inform us about possible food intolerances or preferences.

Recommended for families (open spaces with no problem for kids)

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225,00€ / pax. -tik aurrera
What's included?

- Private transport

- Accompanying guide during the itinerary

- Visit of the Wind Comb and Chillida's outdoors in San Sebastian

- MENDIZABAL Experience

- Visit Chillida Leku Museum

What's NOT included?

Anything not included in the "is included" section

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