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City Break Donostia

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Discover the gastronomic society: Enjoy a weekend as locals would do it



  • LIVE GUIDE: English, French, Spanish, Basque


Enjoy the unique experience of cooking in one of San Sebastian's most famous Gastronomic Societies with a renowed local chef - the perfect way of really understanding why the city is known as the Pearl of the Cantabaric Sea.

These Gastronomic societies are some of the favourite places Basques like to meet up with friends and family. Everyone shows off their culinary skills, learns some new ones all under the gaze of a top quality Basque chef. That’s how to feel like a real Donostiarra for a day!

  • Day 1: Guided visit of the city and tasting of pintxos
  • Day 2: Cooking in a Gastronomic Society with a chef
  • Day 3: Enjoy the La Perla Thalassotherapy




Arrival in Donostia – San Sebastián, the Pearl of the Cantabric Sea.

San Sebastian’s breathtakingly beautiful natural setting is the perfect backdrop for an amazing combination of high class gastronomy and the joy of getting to know one of the world’s most enjoyable small cities. You will enjoy a guided tour of the city and have dinner tasting some typical small basque snacks called “pintxos”.

Transfer to the hotel.



Breakfast in the hotel.

The first stop is in a bar, where else! We’ll go through a general overview of Basque cuisine, by way of the Bretxa market and Gastronomic Societies – this is done in the most natural way imaginable – by buying the fresh ingredients in the market and taking them back to the society. Then, like any San Sebastian citizen, we pop out for a couple of pintxos and a glass of the local white wine, txakoli.

Then, it’s back to the Gastronomic Society where we’ll be welcomed by our renowned local chef. Aprons on and the gastronomy  class gets going in the best way possible – by taking part in the cooking process from the very beginning. And once that’s done we all sit down to eat together.

And, before leaving the Society we sit down and add up and divide the cost of the drinks we’ve had and pay the bill. Just like the locals do

Then it’s free time to enjoy the afternoon and have dinner.

Transfer to the hotel and accommodation.



Breakfast in the hotel.

No better way of starting the day than a visit to La Perla Thalassotherapy, true heir of the city’s Belle Époque atmosphere. Queen Maria Cristina established the summer resort of the royal house in the city, as her greatest pleasure was swimming in the sea, combining the therapeutic effects, relaxation and wellness.

Once we are feeling suitably refreshed and relaxed, why not have a walk admiring the Cortázar’s extended city plan, brought to life in the second half of the nineteenth century which integrated the central part of the city, the old town, the river into the peaceful, organized and open city we have today – a perfect combination of nature and urbane living. Some shopping? With some of the best shops imaginable the city offers everything from the most chic botiques to some of the world’s best known chain stores!

Free time for lunch.



With a private tour guide, the schedule, duration and activities can be adjusted to meet your needs. Please, provide any special requests you have.

Please note that this tour is a culture and food tour. But, you will get a pair of local snacks as well as a walk through the old quarter of San Sebastian in order to learn about the Basque culture and gastronomy. Please note that you will not receive a full meal.



  • Cancel up to 15 days in advance for a full refund
  • Cancellations between 15 days and 48 hours will be charged 50%
  • Cancellations 48 hours in advance will be charged 100%

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