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FOREST BATHING: The witches' route beyond the Akelarre

FOREST BATHING: The witches' route beyond the Akelarre bisitatu nahiko zenuke?

We quote a taylor-made travel for you 

"The art of forest bathing is the art of connecting with nature through the five senses". DR. QUING LI


Connecting with the earth.

With nature.

In that forest chosen especially for you, for each of you.

Shinrin Yoku.


Listen to your footsteps.

And your heartbeats.

Back to the wild and the unspoiled.

To the origins.

To our ancestors.

With you.

With the earth.

To disconnect from the hyper-connected, digital, virtual world.

To connect with the authentic, human, natural world.

A journey through the forest of your life

A dialogue with your deepest self

Remembering the past

Transforming the present

Creating a better future.

Experience the forests of our land from a new perspective.

Hotel Arbaso and Basque Destination have designed several hiking routes for you, which immersing you in the forests of our ancestors.

An experience that will not leave you indifferent.

If you wish to complete the experience, don't forget to ask for the Basoa suite, which is a two bedroom suite. A bathtub. Views of the Cathedral from the balcony.

09:00AM Meeting with our guide to start this exciting journey.

Transfer to the starting point of a unique experience in that forest chosen especially for you, yourselves: Shinrin Yoku.

Route to be chosen by the guests among different options.

01:00PM Back to the city to enjoy this magical refuge called Arbaso Hotel.

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Premium plana
275,00€ / pax. -tik aurrera
What's included?

- Private transport

- Visit to Albaola market Factoría Marítima

- Private guide during the whole experience

- Entrance and visit of Albaola Factoría Marítima

- Transfer by boat to Pasai Donibane

- Typical cider house menu 

What's NOT included?

Anything not included in the "is included" section

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Plan hau gustuko baduzu eta erreserbatu nahi baduzu ... 3 urrats besterik egin dezakezu.

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